Heart to Heart by Rajdeep Chowdhury (Submission Guidelines)

A flicker, a gape and the thumps….Heart to Heart institutes everlasting union.Union of adore…Union of assurance…Union of spirit…Heart pounds for loved ones unreservedly and thumps further in contrast to usual.Valentine’s Day epitomizes a day for lovers and love, prized moments, effortless reciprocation and selfless admiration.Pour your emotion in penning the poem for your loved one and dedicate the same with a smile on the face.

Submission Guidelines:

1. Entry is open to poets of any Nationality.
2. One poem per poet is permissible.
3. Poems should be original and unpublished.
4. Plagiarism would not be appreciated.
5. Biography of the poet should be strictly within 100 words.
6. A high-resolution photograph of the Couple should be mailed along with the Poem and the Author Biography.
(As the theme of the book is Valentine’s Day, all the contributing poets must share a photograph of them along with their Valentine.)
(Name of the respective Valentine along with a One Line Message for Valentine’s Day should be sent.)
7. All contributors must purchase one copy of the book and present it to their respective Valentine.
8. Goodies would be provided by the Publisher to every contributing poet.
9. There is No Publication Fee.
10. The Publisher/Editor reserves the right to select the submission.
11. Entries to be mailed to hearttoheartvday@gmail.com.
12. For further communication, contact @ 09804204521.

Editor: Rajdeep Chowdhury
Genre: Poetry
Theme: Valentine’s Day Love Poems
Language: English
Line Limit: 25 Lines


Last Date of Submission: 19th December 2017


Published by DrenchedThoughts
(an imprint of Raindrops Inc.)


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