RainDrops may be small in shape & size,
But their continuous fall makes a river overflow....
Small consistent efforts make massive Changes in Life....
Keep making efforts, Keep Hustling.

About Us

“From the time of its inception in 2012, RainDrops Company has successfully progressed from a book distribution company into a publishing house. It has worked with more than 2000 authors and poets from various field and brought them under on brand name thereby providing platform for the talented fluttering wings to reach their deserving heights. They are committed in providing high quality books with innovative designs, and superior craftsmanship.”

The RainDrops philosophy is simple:

Every drop counts (everyone is born unique). RainDrops stands for the celebration of this uniqueness within every individual to ensure that the seed of originality blooms out the way it deserves to be.

We at RainDrops encourage the writers to nurture their true talent, follow their inner passion and shine out to the world. We provide a platform to all the budding authors to showcase their talents.

At RainDrops Company, we have a vivacious team of Editors, Typesetters, Cover Designers and Printers who are devoted to their work and put in all their efforts in the making the product quality worthy. Our distribution network is growing dense with each passing day then be it Offline or Online.